Using User Intelligence to Fight Churn

Alpha Networks’ CMO Guillaume Devezeaux and our partner Spideo’s VP Product Elize Bosker discussed around how user intelligence can be used to fight Churn, a very hop topic since cord-cutting keeps on being a concern for Pay TV providers.

Watch the teaser and get a sneak of the talk:

Watch the full length video of the talk and learn more on customer retention strategies and relevant use cases. In the video we discuss:

👉 Better Access

The content experience should be adapted to the mood business rules, like time-based recommendations.

👉 Reducing Time to Content

Hyper-choice is an issue for many: if users do not have easy access to the content, the likeliness for them to churn increases. Personalisation helps users find content faster and increases engagement metrics.

👉 Understanding Users 

What separates churners from engaged users? The data collected about how users interact with the content help us collect significant insights.

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