Last month, at NexTV Series Argentina, I was participating in a Panel Debate, talking where skinny bundles and add-on channels could reinforce strategies to avoid churning customer base and enhance services.

Nevertheless, this term is not often used and it may sound new, but the practice is not.
Skinny bundles are much-reduced Live channel bundles provided via OTT. But only the price and number of channels are not enough to create success in a faster-paced market like this. I quote one interesting sentence I heard during the debates in Buenos Aires: “We are creating a bunch of maniac users!”. Well, I truly believe this is an opportunity that content providers should intelligently invest on… We have to deliver a great navigation experience to these “maniacs”!

Operators and content owners should offer a friendly and easy experience to navigate through animated user interfaces, deliver content on the maximum number of screens and include additional services like Catch-up, Live-to-VOD, and Time-Shift. This is the kind of successful formula companies like Sling, beIN SPORTS, and DIRECTV are applying already.

Alpha Networks can definitely help operators and content owners to answer their most complex questions such as: How can I – as an operator – better monetize the content I pay for? Is direct-to-consumer a threat for me or an opportunity?

We are constantly developing intelligent tools in order to target the right content to the right user and as a general rule, we always believe that flexibility is the key in this dynamic market.

I’d like to thank you for your participation and attendance at the NexTV Series in Argentina. See you back at NexTV Series Colombia the 27th of June 2019.

José Luiz Ribeiro
Sales Director, LATAM