April 12th, 2021 – Box Brazil, the largest independent content provider in Brazil, announced the launch of Box Brazil Play, the very first multi-device OTT platform with TV channels and VOD content with a focus on Brazilian-produced content.



Box Brazil Play video platform has been developed by Container Media – a company part of Box Brazil Group and specialized in the development of OTT white label VOD platforms – and it is powered by Alpha Networks’ beemix product.


Beemix is the ready-to-go video platform providing an effective E2E solution to broadcasters, media companies and operator worldwide. The solution is hosted in the cloud and enables ecosystem partners to interact seamlessly and create a comprehensive OTT platform.


“By offering VOD content produced solely by Brazilian companies, Box Brazil Play collaborates so that the national audiovisual industry is strengthened and significantly expands its reach and access to the public”, said José Wilson Fonseca, Vice President at Box Brazil Group.


To gain a competitive edge on its streaming services, Box Brazil emphasised the importance of the quality of the subscriber’s user experience. Consequently, Box Brazil Play benefits of the highest standards in the market, since the project developed by Container has the support of the main worldwide technology suppliers for OTT platforms.


“Alpha Networks’ technology is perfectly in line with the current market trends and it is what we were looking for when renewing our TV platform, which is capable of integrating different technology supplier partners and enables us to offer high quality video services. Beemix comes with integrated up-to-date features, thus providing consumers with an enhanced media experience”, said Cícero Aragon, CEO at Box Brazil Group.




Present in more than 18 million homes, Box Brazil produces five content channels, which are distributed through Tier 1 operators in the region such as NET, SKY, Claro, Vivo and Oi TV.

Box Brazil Play, the first marketplace dedicated exclusively to Brazilian audiovisual content, is available to subscribers since February the 4t, 2021 and features more than 20 national channels, in addition to more than 1500 titles on VOD.