IBC – the place where innovation meets reality

IBC 2019 is history by now but will still remain vivid for a few months..

The event is getting bigger and bigger every yearthis year’s attendance was exactly 56,390, which was the largest since the beginning of the show in 1967. Our presence was not unnoticed: we came in force, bringing our expertise, know-how and our product portfolio, being proud of what we realized so far for our clients.

In between meetings, demos, presentations, interviews, live debates, I managed to sneak-out and have a look at what’s happening in other halls:

#OTT was everywhere

We’ve seen lately a significant shift in the consumption habits from linear to on-demand, and to a diverse range of content like esports. Everybody was speaking OTT at IBC: a full-service TV over internet, available on any screens, any device, anytime, anywhere, either at home or out of home. Everywhere you could see or hear OTT word. The most popular place where software, middleware, hardware vendors and content delivery specialists joined forces was in hall #14, “Content Everywhere”.


Last few years were dominated by 4K video. Even though it’s still a new technology and not yet fully adopted by the masses, it is already on the way to be replaced by even a better video quality (8K). The shipments forecast for 8K TV during 2019 are still very low but expected to grow up to 2% by 2023. Transforming the 4K content production into 8K will take some time, however, 8K technology is already available at affordable price.

#VR & AR

IBC Future Zone is the place to look further into the future – new video trends are looking beyond already popular VR (Virtual Reality), by digitizing the living room where TV set is. This allows the possibility of AR (Augmented Reality), combining the reality of the living room with what’s happening on the screen. For example, the TV presenter can come and sit down next to you and describe what is happening in the TV program, objects can come out of the screen into the room and so on. This sort of interactions is called Social VR.

#Live Tournament

We are part of the gaming world and this is definitely impacting the pay-TV industry. For the first time in IBC Conference history, Esports Showcase live tournament was hosted this year by IBC, powered by ESL, EVS and Lagardère. ESL’s National Championship teams from Germany and Spain went head-to-head in a live Counter-Strike tournament on the big cinema screen with the Dolby stereo in Auditorium at RAI. We see a clearly demand on a new business model.

All in all, it was a very successful IBC 2019 for Alpha but also for TV industry!

Dora Voicu, Marketing Director at Alpha Networks