In these extraordinary times, Alpha Networks stands on the side of content owners and broadcasters and provides them with a ready-to-go solution to quickly launch pay TV services.

bee, the cloud video platform by Alpha Networks, is the perfect tool to respond to the growing demand of content from subscribers, quarantined globally due to the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

With millions of people of all ages isolated at home, we are witness to an unprecedented rise in the number (and type) of subscribers, resulting in a more open scenario where new players can carve out a niche for themselves and become a competitive alternative in the marke

We are living in unprecedented times, self-isolation at home due to the spread of COVID-19 is changing video consumption habits for millions of viewers all over the world. In our industry, it is crucial for operators being involved in the digital video content market to respond to this new urge promptly, and also to adopt creative ways to launch their offering and differentiate themselves.

Guillaume Devezeaux, CMO at Alpha Networks

With bee, you can benefit of a cost-optimized solution to distribute it in a couple of days. Take advantage of the flexibility of our solution and be ready to debut your video project in 3 steps

1. Provide your content

2. Shape you content strategy

3. Define your USER EXPERIENCE


Bee can be combined with Gecko for a full E2E solution, including a pack of screen customisations, meeting the latest UX standards and being adapted to your brands’ guidelines. Dress up your applications with specific thematic UIs and enhance the UX for your different groups of end users.

Advanced content, subscription and billing management, a brand new analytics module, a set of screen customisations all in one single platform. beemix offers an extensive range of app functionalities, allowing you to easily control, distribute and monetize your content.

As an example, we see a new demand coming from studios, looking for new ways to distribute content now that cinemas are closed. We are happy to meet this demand, and we have the capability to do it thanks to the scalable infrastructure and flexibility of our products, like bee, that are hosted in the cloud. At Alpha Networks, we fully embraced a cloud based strategy a few years ago; this allows us to continue to deploy, operate and support our customers worldwide. We are open to new opportunities, open to take the challenge and guide media companies and broadcasters through their fascinating journey to debut a streaming service from scratch, or improve an existing one.

Guillaume Devezeaux, CMO at Alpha Networks
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