Understanding users is a key factor to reduce the risk of churn and unlock the real value of any video catalog. Through Analytics, Data allows TV operators to focus on customer retention and monetization.

The TV & video industry is getting packed, more competitive and more dynamic. To survive and perform better in this new world, operators and broadcasters need to improve their service offering and therefore they must understand their customers, their needs and preferences.

That is why consumer insights is needed, consisting of as much data as possible about how users behave and what their viewing preferences are when using these services. This data helps manage the content strategy in place and decide how to update it in time, based on changes in viewers behavior and expectations. Therefore an Analytics module is a critical component of any professional video content platform.

tucano Analytics Module

Alpha Networks tucano platform includes an advanced Analytics Module, which provides tools for collecting products and options statistics, subscription and OD/EPG content consumption statistics and also tools for monitoring the Quality of Experience (QoE) for OTT devices and STBs.

Moreover, the Analytics Module provides a way for helpdesks to be able to detect really fast, using a simple dashboard, the root cause of an issue. Additionally, custom reports can be configured to provide external systems with relevant needed data.


tucano Analytics module retrieves all the usage data through simple API calls and stores it in tucano’s analytics database. It can gather all end-user events from front-end applications: linear TV events, non-linear events, content discovery, system events, device metrics, errors and logs, payment funnel events and software events.

It can enrich the collected data with existing back-office information and external data sources, then format, aggregate and correlate them. This final data is then available for customized dashboards and exports. From here the system can provide recommendations on which you can base your business decisions.

Obvious and Multiple Benefits

Control your business projects

Data is a key factor to know more about customer preferences and the value of your video content.

Use data to improve your offer

Based on collected data, tucano can suggest how to build the best offer for your customers, according to your business criteria.

Fact-based decisions 

Analytics module provides facts that help you take marketing decisions or promote assets based on real information coming from users.

Build your user passport 

Data can offer a better understanding of what your customer’s profile is. Determine if there is a risk for him/her to churn or if he/she is a potential solution promoter.

To really understand what subscribers want, our customers need to understand how they engage with the content. What and when they prefer to watch, what and where they click most, how they spend their time in the application. Thanks to our products’ capability our customers use analytics data to improve and enhance continuously their offers, content strategy and publishing to match their expectations and keep them engaged.

David Le Dantec, CTO of Alpha Networks
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