Development and editorialisation of replay service for NextInteractive

A convergent platform to publish content on different devices & immersive ux
Next Interactive is a leading thematic channel provider in France, now part of Altice Group. Their goal was to have a common back-office to publish content on OTT platform and operator STBs.
A new catch-up service is accessible since November 2020 for Orange set-top-boxes’ users. The service has also been deployed for iOS/Android mobiles & web and was successfully launched on SFR set-top-boxes back in July 2019.
  • One convergent platform to aggregate multiple sources of content
  • Short time-to-market
  • Aggregate metadata from several 3rd party partners
  • Content animation – key feature for Marketing team
our offering
  • Tucano, the modular video software addressing different applications on IPTV & OTT
  • Complete aggregation of several metadata sources
  • Content animation per devices managed directly in tucano
  • Customised UIs by Gecko to differentiate the offering for each video channel


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